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Service Easy Call

Calling the Radiotaxi Rimini at least once from a landline the "System", after receiving consent from the customer, will store the matching number of the caller and address it. From next time, call "Easy Call" by dialing +39 0541 50020 (from a landline phone, touch tone and identification number is not masked), a recorded voice will show the instructions to get a taxi to the address recorded. When the message you have to press 1 on your telephone to request the dispatch of taxis. You will receive in response initials and time of arrival. If you want to refuse or cancel sending the car's proposal you will make a new call and get in touch with our operator. The service is available 24 hours a day 24 with no additional cost. Recall that the transfer of house / office with keeping the same phone number Co.Ta.Ri. be informed, at +39 0541 50020 for the upgrade of the address where you want the taxi. Additional information and clarification can be obtained at our office or contact us at +39 0541 50020 or by email taxi@rimini.com